The Toll of High Conflict Divorce

The emotional and financial cost of litigation is high.  This is why advice of a divorce lawyer is important because you will be informed about the law that applies to your situation and what you can and cannot get.  Sound advice is important when you are making a decision to proceed to litigation or to reach a settlement.

People’s anger towards their spouse and often their spouse’s counsel make it hard to make rational decisions.  Going through a divorce is not easy and emotions can cloud judgment.  A divorce lawyer does not just give you legal advice and handle your case in court.  A divorce lawyer is also a counselor when it comes to overcoming your feelings and making decisions that you will live with for the rest of your life.  Rational decision making can mean the difference between moving on with your life with minimal financial impact and fighting protracted court battles for years to come.  Minimizing the emotional and financial toll of divorce can be achieved by understanding the law and what you can and can’t do in the court system.  Taking the right action early on and not letting your emotions get in the way means not only resolving the matter expeditiously, but doing all the right things to minimize the conflicts and the financial strain.  If you believe that a conflict will arise in your divorce, I encourage you to consult with a San Jose divorce lawyer.

Written by Ekaterina Berman, a San Jose divorce and family immigration lawyer.  My goal is to provide experienced and caring representation in family law matters to every client.