Custody Mediation

Child custody mediation gives parents a chance to resolve disagreements about a parenting plan for their children.  In mediation, the parents have the help of an expert (a mediator) in resolving these disagreements. If the parents are able to work out an agreement, the mediator helps the parents write a parenting plan that may then become a custody and visitation order if it is signed by a judge. In some counties, this service is called “child custody recommending counseling” because the mediator (called a “child custody recommending counselor”) can give a written recommendation to the parents and the court if the parents cannot agree to a parenting plan.

The goals of mediation are to:

  1. Help you make a parenting plan that is in the best interest of your children.
  2. Help you make a parenting plan that lets your children spend time with both parents.
  3. Help you learn ways to deal with anger or resentment.

The following video describes the mediation and child custody recommending counseling court process, provides helpful information about parenting plans, and offers tips on how parents can reduce conflict and help their children adjust to the changes happening in their family.