Common Issues in a San Jose Divorce

The San Jose area has experienced tremendous growth in the last 20 years. Knowing how to deal with complex property division issues means the difference between a successful out come and compromising your rights. Here is what commonly comes up in a San Jose divorce:

  • Property characterization
  • Valuation of a business
  • Division of a pension plan
  • Division of investment accounts
  • Division of stock options
  • Division of property located in a foreign country
  • Determining income available for support
  • Credits and reimbursements
  • Undisclosed assets

I will explain how a San Jose divorce lawyer addresses each of the issues listed in this post. A San Jose divorce lawyer can help you explain how to divide your property and protect your interests.

Written by Ekaterina Berman, a San Jose divorce and family immigration lawyer.  My goal is to provide experienced and caring representation in family law matters to every client.